Propeller is a good social news site for commenting on news and politics. It has an easy-to-use interface that is focused on building a community of readers. But channels outside of news and politics aren’t as populated.

  • Community-oriented.
  • Wide variety of topics.
  • Easy to use.
  • Article control panel could be smaller.
  • Article titles don’t take you straight to the article.
  • Many categories aren’t very populated.
  • Add articles, vote and comment on current news and politics.
  • Control panel provides easy access to related articles.
  • Was formerly a part of the Netscape website.
Guide Review – A Review of Propeller

Propeller was originally part of the Netscape website, but was moved to its own site as part of a re-organization. It provides the same submitting, voting and commenting functionality as other social news sites with a slick design with only a few wrinkles.

Articles are prominently displayed with a large voting tag and brief descriptions under each article. Unlike most social news sites, clicking on the article title does not take you to the full article. Instead, it takes you to a page with comments. To view the full story, you must click on the view story link under the description.

When viewing full stories, Propeller provides a control panel on the left side of the browser. This control panel allows you to vote on the article as well as providing the titles of similar articles for easy access. While a good idea, the control panel takes up a little too much space for the functionality it provides.

Propeller has a wide range of categories called channels, but it doesn’t allow you to search through new or upcoming articles like some other social news sites. The channels are also buried in the middle of the page instead of near the top where they would be easier to access.

The site does have a strong sense of community fueled by the way clicking on titles takes you to the comments section instead of to the full story. Adding your own comment is easy, and you can even rate other people’s comments.

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