Last.FM Features

  • Create your own custom profile
  • Make your own radio station based on what music you like to listen to
  • Add Friends and listen to their radio stations
  • Find new music through your friends and neighbors

What is Last.FM?

Last.FM is a UK-based social network focused on music. Founded in 2002, it merged with Audioscrobbler in 2005. The audioscrobbler software tracks what a member listens to on iTunes, their iPod, or similar players, allowing Last.FM to create a play list based on their musical taste.

Members can also create a station by entering an artist’s name and letting Last.FM create a play list based on the artist. This play list is created based on what other members who like the artist also enjoy listening to.

Why Should I Use Last.FM?

Last.FM is great for anyone who enjoys listening to music and who wants to discover new music. It is especially a boon to people who have grown tired of regular radio.

Once enough songs have been ‘scrobbed’, Last.FM creates a list of musical neighbors who have similar tastes. You can then use these neighbors to find new music. You can also add your buddies to your friends list and listen to their custom radio stations.

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