Simpy is an independent no-thrills social bookmarking site that is easy to use and contains the main features looked for in a bookmarking website. Sign up is a breeze. After signing up, Simpy takes you through a quick tutorial on importing existing bookmarks from either your browser or, and then guides you through adding the Simpy button to your browser.

The website presentation is simple, so once you figure out where everything is, the site is very easy to use. There are a few bugs that pop up here and there, but nothing show-stopping.

  • Import bookmarks from your browser or
  • Button on browser toolbar makes for easy bookmarking
  • Make money from your bookmarks
  • No thrills presentation
  • A little buggy
  • Save your bookmarks and search through them using keywords
  • Create and join groups with similar interests
  • Add users to your watchlist to see what they are bookmarking
  • Store text notes to yourself and then search through them later
Guide Review – A Review of Simpy

Simpy is an independent social bookmarking site, which means that it isn’t owned by one of the big boys like Google or Yahoo. This has its good side and its bad side. Not being tied to a large corporation means Simpy can provide innovative features without a corporate suite looking over their shoulder wondering about the bottom line. But, it also means there isn’t as much money being put into the operation, which translates to a few hickups here and there.

The website is no-thrills and simple to use. You can browse through public links, manage your own links, search for old bookmarks either by entering in the keyword or choosing the keyword from a tag cloud, watch other users, or create and join groups.

One interesting feature is the ability to input notes. If you are wondering what that means, it is exactly what it sounds like. You can leave notes for yourself: a shopping list, a reminder, an interesting tidbit that you read somewhere, etc. Think of them like little sticky notes you might leave yourself on the bottom of your monitor.

Another interesting feature of Simpy is the ability to make money through your bookmarks. This is done through Google’s AdSense program. If you have an account for Google AdSense, you can input your AdSense number and your ads will display to any guest who is browsing your profile.

There is some bad that goes along with the good. Simpy is missing some pieces of the puzzle, such as instructions on how to add the Simpy button to IE7 (it gives instructions for IE6), and instructions on how to add the Google AdSense feature to your account.

But these missing pieces do not stop Simpy from being an easy-to-use social bookmarking site.

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